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RentalPoint is your specialist for long term rental properties in Spain. RentalPoint has all the necessary permits and has been checked and approved by the Comunidad Valenciana. This is simply a guarantee that you are dealing with reliable people. People where your hiring interest are in good hands. These are people whom you can fully trust and of course they also have particular knowledge of renting and letting in Spain.

The guarantee of a professional rental agency
We don't work with conditions or contracts that are strange or unusual. With RentalPoint the tenant pays the monthly rent and a deposit. The exact amount of the deposit is mentioned at the home description on our website. Further we will charge the tenant a one-time fee regarding the administration costs. With this unique working method we are often cheaper then private rent. But most important is that you know for sure that with RentalPoint you have the guarantee of a professional rental agency with many years of experience in Spain.

Just a matter of trust
It is not for nothing that we have the saying: “The tenant and landlord are best served with openness and honesty“. We are aware that renting a property in Spain can be a difficult decision. This decision can only be made if all facts and possibilities are known. This is why RentalPoint puts all additional costs on the website. These are the costs which you can expect when you agree with the rental agreement. The costs can be found underneath the heading: rental conditions. So it is open and honest.

Do you have the property?
We have the tenants waiting! It's still difficult for property owners to sell their property, even when the asking price is reduced. This is because the interest from potential buyers is reduced to almost zero. You can of course wait and see how the housing market is going to develop. But this is only an option if you haven’t bought something else. When you already paid a deposit or when you paid the whole amount for a property then letting your property may not be such a bad choice! If you have a property on the Costa Blanca that you wish to place with us for long term rental, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Get in touch with RentalPoint
Rental a property in Spain has never been easier to find with the service of RentalPoint, Spain’s premier property rental agency! Whether you are looking for a nice villa or a comfortable apartment with a beautiful sea view, you can be sure that RentalPoint will find it for you! Or are you a house owner and want more information the renting possibilities. Then do not hesitate to contact RentalPoint. We will happily explain your possibilities.