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For landlords
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RentalPoint was established to specialise in property management and rental services in Spain. It was recognised that there was a need for a more personalised and professional property management and rental service covering the complete area of the Costa Blanca in Spain.

What can I aspect with RentalPoint?
We have multi-lingual staff who can interface with reliable, cost effective tradesmen, local authorities, utility providers etc. to avoid any language translation issues. We also have local knowledge of leisure facilities such as restaurants, local attractions, hospitals, schools and many other facilities and amenities. Our pledge: RentalPoint constantly strive to give the best possible service to our clients (tenants and landlords), so we ensure staff are selected with the utmost care and are sufficiently skilled and experienced to complete their tasks efficiently and professionally. Our main aim is that you, the client, are happy in a long term relationship with us, so we strive, along with our staff, to consistently provide you with an impeccable service.

Are there any cost to place my property for rent?
We will place your home on our website with a professional digital photo presentation, control by the tenant submitted documentation on income and identification, support a potential tenant at the visiting of your property, making promotion for your property on various web pages in Spain and abroad, making promotion for your property in various daily, monthly and weekly magazines, we will make a legal rental agreement between you and the tenant, we collect the monthly rent and make sure that the tenant will pay all financial obligations and we are the contact address for the tenant with any problems. For this extended service, we will charge you a fee as compensation for our services. Of course we charge you only when we actually have found a tenant and a reservation agreement or a lease is made.

When do I get paid?
Many organizations pay the rent to the owner many months later than they have received the rent from a tenant themselves. We feel this is not really outdated and also very little evidence of confidence in the property owner. You give us confidence in general, although access to your property. Therefore we will pay you the same moment as we have collected the amount from the tenant. And that seems to you good to know. RentalPoint is obviously the contact address for the tenant, so the tenant will not bore you further with all kinds of traps, often small-scale problems. We will prevent potential misunderstandings by a language barrier, or even to seek a solution for a rental problem yourself.

Do the tenant also pay a deposit?
You trust the tenant concerning your property. Therefore the tenant must make sure you get your home back after the rental period, in the same state the tenant accepted it from you. That's why a tenant pay a deposit, which they only get back after a detailed inspection of your home and when all the bills are paid correctly.

More information?
Please contact us, without any obligations, to make an appointment for a visit to your house, where we can answer possible questions and make a price proposition.