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Renting a property in Spain
What do you need to know as a tenant?


The search for a rental property and making appointments for viewing is time consuming. Which is time you can save. RentalPoint has for that reason many people who are searching for a house, who use our services. Through our personal, professional and reliable approach we guarantee a 'different from the others' approach. RentalPoint continues, where many people stop. This enables us to take your wishes into consideration and to find the property you are looking for. Whether it's an apartment, bungalow or villa, our method is guaranteed!

Once we have found your dream home
Once we have found your dream home in Spain, you will need to place a reservation deposit, equal to a minimum of two months rent, to secure the property and remove it from the market. Once the reservation deposit has been placed, we will make an appointment with you and the landlord to sign the official tenancy agreement. After you have signed the tenancy agreement and all the (remaining) costs are paid, we will deliver you the keys of your new home in Spain.

Negotiation of rental conditions
Rental prices and rental conditions are final. So if you are looking for a property with a rental price of, for example, € 750,- per month, it's of no use to view a property that is offered for € 900,- per month, in the hope that the owner might  lowered the rent to your needs. If a rented home is offered furnished, the furniture can, in principle, never be removed. If you therefore want to rent a furnished house unfurnished, you must store the furniture at your own risk and for your own costs. However, you should always consult this with our office and take into account the payment of an extra deposit, which is equal to at least the transport costs of the furniture.

What kind of costs must I pay?
A returnable deposit (the exact amount is mentioned at the home description) must be given at the signing of the reservation or tenancy agreement, which will be held by the landlord and refunded at the end of the contract period, assuming that the property has been left in the same condition as it was found and there are no pending utility bills or missing items from the inventory. The rent is payable monthly in advance at the beginning of each month into our bank account. You need to take in consideration that, by signing the rental agreement or reservation contract, you need to pay also an once-only fee regarding the office costs. In cases of, for example, no demonstrable income, the landlord has the right to raise the mentioned deposit.

What kind of documents should I submit?
Before we can make a tenancy or reservation agreement, you need to take in consideration that you need to submit your passport (we will make a copy), your N.I.E. number, proof of income, a contents insurance and a Spanish bank account number. Further we do need a telephone number in Spain where we can contact you.

Utilities and community fees
All utility bills are to be paid by the tenant by direct debit. Therefore the payment bank details must be changed into the tenant’s account with the utility companies (electricity, water, gas, rubbish tax, etc.). Community fees and council are always paid by the landlord.

Pet owners
In case you are a pet owner, please contact RentalPoint in order to check suitable properties which accept pets. Of course big dogs aren't allowed in small apartments.

'Trying out' a property
We regularly get the request if it is possible to try out a property for a short period of time. If then the tenant is pleased with the property, the tenant would like to rent it for a long period of time. Although we understand that it is difficult, especially if you are moving to another country, and wanting to first explore the new home and environment, we can, for insurance reasons, not agree with this.

Termination of the rent
As a tenant you have agreed a rental period of 12 months. The contract will be automatically renewed each time for the same period, up to a statutory maximum of three years, with those minds that after the first 12 months you can terminate the rent, where a notice of 1 month in advance to take. After the statutory maximum period of three years, the owner can decide whether he wishes to rent again for up to three years or no longer makes the property available for rental. Termination of a rent should be made in writing via electronic mail, or verbally at our office, and a certificate of termination is made. A rental agreement is then terminated if you receive a certificate of termination of our office or the landlord.

More information?
Are you interested in finding a property through RentalPoint? Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance and information. We speak your language!